Gentoo packages search engine

This website is a search engine for packages in the public repositories (main tree, plus overlays) of Gentoo Linux.
It also provides mirroring (http, rsync) for all the tracked files.

If it's your first visit, you might be interested in getting some information at the bottom of this page.


The search uses (PCRE, case insensitive) regular expressions. If you need help with that, you can consult this information page.


Today (2019-09-18), I can count 44876 unique packages in the database (111813 including the different versions for packages)

(2009-07-18) : update, after a server reboot, I forgot to mount the cache directory so the DB did not contain a lot...
Some fixes, and preliminary support for internationalization of package and category descriptions... however, since nothing is filled, I keep on using only english.

(2009-12-13) : g.z.o is 2 years old !
I'm updating some stuff (repository links, installation of mercurial, which was preventing some overlays to work) as I put this note.

Category listing

Packages are divided in the following categories :
Category Description
app-accessibility The app-accessibility category contains packages which help with accessibility (for example, screen readers).
app-admin The app-admin category contains non-core applications which relate to system administration.
app-antivirus The app-antivirus category contains antivirus software.
app-arch The app-arch category contains tools for archiving, compressing and uncompressing files or groups of files.
app-backup The app-backup category contains tools for performing backups of data, including both full and incremental backups, as well as backups to other media (CD-R, Tape, etc.).
app-benchmarks The app-benchmarks category contains benchmarking software.
app-cdr The app-cdr category contains software for writing CDs and DVDs, and for working with .iso files.
app-crypt The app-crypt category contains cryptographic (encryption, decryption, steganography and signing) software.
app-dicts The app-dicts category contains dictionary and word-list packages.
app-doc The app-doc category contains various miscellaneous documentation collections.
app-editors The app-editors category contains text editors.
app-emacs The app-emacs category contains extension packages for the Emacs text editor.
app-emulation The app-emulation category contains emulation software.
app-eselect The app-eselect category contains modules for the eselect configuration and administration tool.
app-forensics The app-forensics category contains software which helps detect and analyse security breaches.
app-i18n The app-i18n category contains internationalisation-related packages.
app-laptop The app-laptop category contains packages which are designed to work with certain kinds of laptop or notebook computer.
app-leechcraft The app-leechcraft category contains LeechCraft core and all plugins.
app-misc The app-misc category contains various miscellaneous application packages which don't belong anywhere else.
app-mobilephone The app-mobilephone category contains software for working with mobile phones.
app-office The app-office category contains 'office' (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation) software packages.
app-officeext The app-officeext category contains extension packages for LibreOffice and OpenOffice.
app-pda The app-pda category contains software for working with personal digital assistants or hand-held computers.
app-portage The app-portage category contains software which works with portage or ebuilds.
app-shells The app-shells category contains shells and their extensions.
app-text The app-text category contains tools for working with human-language text files.
app-vim The app-vim category contains plugins, syntax file and spelling packages for the Vim text editor.
app-xemacs The app-xemacs category contains extensions for the XEmacs text editor.
dev-ada The dev-ada category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Ada programming language.
dev-cpp The dev-cpp category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the c++ programming language.
dev-db The dev-db category contains libraries and utilities for database related programming.
dev-dotnet The dev-dotnet category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the .NET programming environment.
dev-embedded The dev-embedded category contains libraries and utilities relevant to embedded programming.
dev-erlang The dev-erlang category contains libraries, utilities or bindings written in or for the Erlang programming language.
dev-games The dev-games category contains libraries and utilities relevant to games programming.
dev-gap The dev-gap category contains packages for the gap system at
dev-go The dev-go category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Go programming language.
dev-haskell The dev-haskell category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Haskell programming language.
dev-java The dev-java category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Java programming language.
dev-lang The dev-lang category contains various programming language implementations and related tools.
dev-libs The dev-libs category contains various miscellaneous programming libraries.
dev-lisp The dev-lisp category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Lisp programming language.
dev-lua The dev-lua category contains libraries, utilities or bindings written in or for the Lua programming language.
dev-ml The dev-ml category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the ML programming language.
dev-perl The dev-perl category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Perl programming language.
dev-php The dev-php category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the PHP programming language.
dev-python The dev-python category contains libraries, utilities or bindings written in or for the Python programming language.
dev-qt The dev-qt category contains packages for the Qt framework modules and directly related libraries and development applications from the upstream Qt Project. Do not add other packages to this category.
dev-ros The dev-ros category contains ROS and ROS-related packages.
dev-ruby The dev-ruby category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Ruby programming language.
dev-scheme The dev-scheme category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Scheme programming language.
dev-tcltk The dev-tcltk category contains Tcl- and Tk-related libraries and tools.
dev-tex The dev-tex category contains libraries and tools useful when working with TeX and TeX-based environments such as LaTeX.
dev-texlive The dev-texlive category contains various TeXLive's packages.
dev-util The dev-util category contains various miscellaneous development utilities.
dev-vcs The dev-vcs category contains utilities focused on version control.
games-action The games-action category contains action games.
games-arcade The games-arcade category contains arcade games.
games-board The games-board category contains board games.
games-emulation The games-emulation category contains game platform emulators.
games-engines The games-engines category contains game engines.
games-fps The games-fps category contains first person shooter games.
games-kids The games-kids category contains games designed for children.
games-misc The games-misc category contains miscellaneous games which do not fit into other games- categories.
games-mud The games-mud category contains multi-user dungeon games.
games-puzzle The games-puzzle category contains puzzle games.
games-roguelike The games-roguelike category contains games which resemble Rogue's style.
games-rpg The games-rpg category contains role-playing games.
games-server The games-server category contains game servers.
games-simulation The games-simulation category contains simulation games.
games-sports The games-sports category contains sports games.
games-strategy The games-strategy category contains strategy games.
games-util The games-util category contains various game-related utilities.
gentoo-mate-112 The mate-base category contains core MATE packages.
gentoo-zh dnscrypt-proxy provides local service which can be used directly as your local resolver or as a DNS forwarder, encrypting and authenticating requests using the DNSCrypt protocol and passing them to an upstream server.
gnome-base The gnome-base category contains core GNOME packages.
gnome-extra The gnome-extra category contains additional non-core GNOME packages.
gnustep-apps The gnustep-apps category contains GNUstep applications.
gnustep-base The gnustep-base category contains GNUstep base packages.
gnustep-libs The gnustep-libs category contains GNUstep libraries.
java-virtuals The java-virtuals category contains packages which satisfy virtual dependencies. These virtuals install a file which is used by the java-config system to provide information like classpath and minimum required vm values.
kde-apps The kde-apps category contains packages released by KDE as part of KDE Applications 5.
kde-frameworks The kde-frameworks category contains KDE Frameworks - the next generation of KDE libraries modularized for easy integration in Qt applications.
kde-misc The kde-misc category contains various miscellaneous KDE packages. In general, packages here are extensions of the KDE desktop environment (ioslaves, command center modules, plasmoids, ...), while KDE applications that do not rely on the desktop environment better suit other categories.
kde-plasma The kde-plasma category contains KDE Plasma
lxde-base The lxde-base category contains core packages for LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment.
lxqt-base The lxqt-base category contains core packages for LXQt Desktop Environment.
mail-client The mail-client category contains email clients.
mail-filter The mail-filter category contains email filtering software.
mail-mta The mail-mta category contains mail transport agent packages.
mate-base The mate-base category contains core MATE packages.
mate-de-gentoo The mate-base category contains core MATE packages.
mate-extra The mate-extra category contains additional non-core MATE packages.
media-fonts The media-fonts category contains fonts.
media-gfx The media-gfx category contains graphics-related packages.
media-libs The media-libs category contains media-related libraries.
media-plugins The media-plugins category contains plugin packages for various media applications.
media-radio The media-radio category contains radio-related media applications.
media-sound The media-sound category contains sound, music and audio applications.
media-tv The media-tv category contains television-related applications.
media-video The media-video category contains video-related applications.
net-analyzer The net-analyzer category contains network analysis software.
net-dialup The net-dialup category contains dialup-related networking software.
net-dns The net-dns category contains DNS (Domain Name Service) related software.
net-firewall The net-firewall category contains network firewall software.
net-fs The net-fs category contains network filesystem packages.
net-ftp The net-ftp contains FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software.
net-im The net-im category contains instant messaging software.
net-irc The net-irc category contains IRC (Internet Relay Chat) clients and servers.
net-libs The net-libs category contains libraries that are network-related.
net-mail The net-mail category contains various email-related utilities.
net-misc The net-misc category contains various miscellaneous networking tools and utilities.
net-nds The net-nds category contains NDS (NetWare Directory Services) software.
net-news The net-news category contains news-related network software.
net-nntp The net-nntp category contains NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) software.
net-p2p The net-p2p category contains peer-to-peer networking applications.
net-print The net-print category contains network printing packages.
net-proxy The net-proxy category contains network proxy software.
net-voip The net-voip category contains packages related to Voice-over-IP
net-vpn The net-vpn category contains packages related to virtual private networks and tunneling utilities.
net-wireless The net-wireless category contains wireless networking software and utilities.
perl-core The perl-core category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Perl programming language.
ros-meta The ros-meta category contains ROS meta-packages.
sci-astronomy The sci-astronomy category contains software that can be used in astronomical and related scientific environments.
sci-biology The sci-biology category contains software that can be used in biological and related scientific environments.
sci-calculators The sci-calculators category contains scientific calculator packages.
sci-chemistry The sci-chemistry category contains software that can be used in chemistral scientific environments.
sci-electronics The sci-electronics category contains electronics packages.
sci-geosciences The sci-geosciences category contains geosciences-related software.
sci-libs The sci-libs category contains various science-related libraries.
sci-mathematics The sci-mathematics category contains mathematical software.
sci-misc The sci-misc category contains various miscellaneous science applications which do not fit any other sci-* category.
sci-physics The sci-physics category contains physics related software.
sci-visualization The sci-visualization category contains scientific visualization applications.
sec-policy The sec-policy category contains security policies for access control systems such as SELinux.
sys-apps The sys-apps category contains various core system applications, and some non-core system applications which have not yet been moved out into other sys- categories.
sys-auth The sys-auth category contains applications and libraries to support authentication and authorization facilities. Here belongs PAM modules, NSS modules and login apps.
sys-block The sys-block category contains packages which work with block devices.
sys-boot The sys-boot category contains bootloaders and related tools.
sys-cluster The sys-cluster category contains cluster-related software.
sys-devel The sys-devel category contains various core system development tools and libraries.
sys-fabric The sys-fabric category contains OFED software stack and other infiniband related software.
sys-firmware The sys-firmware category contains misc. firmware and microcode.
sys-freebsd Ebuilds for the Gentoo/FreeBSD base system software.
sys-fs The sys-fs category contains filesystem tools and utilities.
sys-kernel The sys-kernel category contains kernel source ebuilds and kernel-related tools.
sys-libs The sys-libs category contains various system-level libraries.
sys-power The sys-power category contains software which handles power management, including CPU frequency scaling tools.
sys-process The sys-process category contains packages which query or manipulate processes. The 'cron' daemons are included in this.
www-apache The www-apache category contains modules for the Apache webserver.
www-apps The www-apps category contains various world wide web applications.
www-client The www-client category contains world wide web clients.
www-misc The www-misc category contains various miscellaneous world wide web software.
www-plugins The www-plugins category contains plug-ins for Web browsers.
www-servers The www-servers category contains web server packages.
x11-apps x11-apps contains applications distributed as part of X.Org X11.
x11-base The x11-base category contains various X11 base implementations.
x11-drivers x11-drivers contain drivers that interface with the core X11 server.
x11-libs The x11-libs category contains various X11-related libraries.
x11-misc The x11-misc category contains miscellaneous X11 applications which do not belong elsewhere.
x11-plugins The x11-plugins category contains plugin packages for various X11 applications.
x11-proto x11-proto contains the X11 protocol headers.
x11-terms The x11-terms category contains terminal emulators for X11 environments.
x11-themes The x11-themes category contains various theme and style packages for X11 applications.
x11-wm The x11-wm category contains X11 window managers.
xfce-base The xfce-base category contains base XFCE packages.
xfce-extra The xfce-extra category contains non-core XFCE applications.

Stuff to know

Bug reporting

If you have trouble with any of the software, please consult their homepage and report bugs. It's very important and helpful for anyone.
If your problem happens on the installation of a package, you can consult check the repository homepage or contact information. For instance, the Gentoo main tree has a bug tracker at

Overlay management

Overlays can be added using the app-portage/layman tool.

Source control managed versions

Sometimes, you want features that you know are provided by an in-development version of a program, and are accessed using revision control software.
Packages with the "9999" version use RCS to fetch the latest version of the software.
When you emerge one of them, you have to keep in mind that you won't be bugged of updates when you sync your repositories information.

About this site

Like the famous, the goal is to list and enable the search of the packages available through emerge, but this indexer also tries to include the information of every overlay listed on the public gentoo overlays.
The gentoo overlays contain a lot of unstable packages but also a lot of useful packages.
The site was created on the 2007-12-13 (or something like that).

This website was created following the observation that it's hard to find packages, especially when they are not in the main gentoo repository.
If you seek something prettier for packages browsing, have a look at, which is a customization of the pretty and existed before mine, but I was not aware of that. You also have the in-development ebuildfind.
I made this site from scratch with the objective of having a simple, ad-free, fast and powerful search engine and packages catalog.

This site provides searchplugins for Mozilla Firefox (search by description, reverse dependencies) and it's not too hard to make other browsers search with this site.
It's also made to ease referring from wiki pages, with interwiki. Just look at the adress bar when browsing a category/package..

TODO : If you can think of an useful functionality you want in here, tell me. A good place for this is in the wiki or in this forum thread .

Legal stuff, acknowledgements

This site is a community site, it was made to help Gentoo users but is not officially supported ; it is not part of the Gentoo project.
As you can see, the website does not closely mimic the name or layout of one of Gentoo official websites. Or, actually, any website ;)
The name "Gentoo" is a trademark of Gentoo Foundation, Inc. The "g" logo (favicon) is a trademark of Gentoo Foundation, Inc.
This site is an indexer, it contains data from the Gentoo ebuilds. I have written none of them. This website is provided "as-is".
Gentoo rox.


Contributors :

Thanks to zlin, desultory, jockey, jakub, samlt, ...

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