Packages for category app-admin:

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Name Latest version Description
389-admin-console 1.1.8-r1 389 Server Management Console (jar and help files)
389-console 1.1.7-r1 A Java based console for remote management 389 server
389-ds-console 1.2.6-r1 Java based remote management console used for Managing 389-admin 389-ds
Lmod 9999 A Lua-based environment module system supporting TCL and software hierarchy
abrt 2.0.12-r2 Automatic bug detection and reporting tool
addpatches 0.2 patch management script
admin-tools 0.19 A set of useful tools to make your (gentoo) admin life easier
aeinfo 2.4 control-software for aqua-computer aquaero 4.00
aerospike-amc-community 3.6.9 Web UI based monitoring tool for Aerospike Community Edition Server
ajenti 0.6.1 Web toolset for administrating servers
amazon-ec2-init 20110331 Init script to setup Amazon EC2 instance parameters
anaconda 9999 Argent Redhat Anaconda Installer Port
analog 6.0-r4 A webserver log analyzer
ansible 9999 Model-driven deployment, config management, and command execution framework
apache-flume-bin 1.1.0 Distributed Log Collection
apache-tools 2.4.23
apachetop 0.12.6-r2 A realtime Apache log analyzer
apg 2.3.0b-r5 Another Password Generator
augeas 1.6.0 A library for changing configuration files
authbind 2.1.1 Bind sockets to privileged ports without root
authconfig 6.1.6 Command line tool for setting up authentication from network services
aws-as-tools The API tools serve as the client interface to the Auto Scaling web service
aws-cfn-bootstrap 1.3 Bootstrap scripts for AWS CloudFormation
aws-cfn-tools 1.0.11 The command line tools serve as the client interface to the AWS CloudFormation web service
aws-cli 1.8.9 Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services
aws-cw-tools The API tools serve as the client interface to the Amazon CloudWatch web service
aws-elb-tools The API tools serve as the client interface to the Elastic Load Balancing web service
aws-iam-tools 1.5.0 The Command Line Interface (CLI) for the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service
aws-rds-tools 1.6.001 The Command Line Toolkit for the Amazon Relational Database Service
aws-sns-tools Command Line Interface Tool for Amazon Simple Notification Service
awscli 1.0.0 Universal Command Line Environment for AWS
backup-conf 5.2.1 Create a backup of your config files in tree format
bastille 3.0.9-r1 Bastille-Linux is a security hardening tool
bcfg2 1.2.4-r1 Configuration management tool
blockhosts 2.6.0 Blocks abusive IP hosts which probe your services (such as sshd, proftpd)
bubba 1.8.2 The Bubba main package
bubba-backend 2.6-r3 Excito B3 administrative scripts
bubba-diskmanager 1.0-r2 Bubba disk manager handles disk functions for the Bubba web frontend
bubba-frontend 2.6-r1 Excito B3 administrative scripts
bubba-manual 2.3-r3 Excito B3 manual
bubba-networkmanager 0.48-r1 Bubba network manager allows the web frontend to control various network settings
bubbagen 1.8.5-r1 The Bubba main package
calamares 9999 Distribution-independent installer framework
cancd 0.1.0-r3 the CA NetConsole Daemon, a daemon to receive output from the Linux netconsole driver
capexec 1.1 Executes a program with a set of capabilities.
cctrl 1.2.0 cloudControl command line utilities
ccze 0.2.1-r4 A flexible and fast logfile colorizer
cdist 3.1.9 A usable configuration management system
centrify-krb5 5.1.0 centrify Kerberos Patched for Active Directory Intergation
centrify-samba 4.5.9 centrify-suite
centrify-suite 2015.1 centrify-suite
ceph-deploy 1.2.3 Ceph distributed filesystem, deployment tools
cgmanager 0.41
checkrestart 0.47-r4 the sysadmin's rolling upgrade tool
checksec 1.7.4 Tool to check properties of executables (e.g. ASLR/PIE, RELRO, PaX, Canaries)
chef 12.3.0 Chef is a systems integration framework
chefdk-omnibus 0.4.0 Omnibus installation of ChefDK
chroot_safe 1.4 a tool to chroot any dynamically linked application in a safe and sane manner
chrootuid 1.3-r1 run a network service at low privilege level and with restricted file system access
chrpath 0.13-r2 chrpath can modify the rpath and runpath of ELF executables
circus 0.11.1 Circus is a program that will let you run and watch multiple processes and sockets
cli53 9999
clog 1.1.0 A colorized log tail utility
clsync 9999 Live sync tool based on inotify, written in GNU C
clustershell 1.6-r1 Python framework for efficient cluster administration
collectd 5.5.2
conky 1.9.0-r3 An advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X
conky-colors 9999 CONKY-colors is an easier way to configure Conky.
conkyforecast 2.24-r1 Conky weather forecast script with support for language files
conkyguayadeque 9999 conky plugin for guayadeque
conserver 8.1.18-r1 Serial Console Manager
consolehm 1.31 Console based hardware monitor for FreeBSD
consul 9999 tool for service discovery, monitoring and configuration.
consul-replicate 0.2.0 Consul cross-DC KV replication daemon
consul-template 9999 Generic template rendering and notifications with Consul
cpu-g 0.9.0 Displays information about your CPU, RAM, Motherboard and more
cpulimit 9999 Limits the CPU usage of a process
cpuset 1.5.6 A Python wrapper around the standard Linux filesystem calls to manage cpusets
cq 9999 A command queue
cronolog 1.6.2-r4 Cronolog apache logfile rotator
cvechecker 9999 Tool to match installed software against the list of CVE entries
cwatch 9999 A lightweight program that monitors the file system activity
dbus-explorer 0.5 A clone of dbus-viewer with a GTK+ interface.
denyhosts 3.0-r1
diamond 9999 Python daemon that collects and publishes system metrics
dio 1.5.2 dio - Device I/O monitoring tool
diradm diradm is a nearly complete nss/shadow suite for managing POSIX users/groups/data in LDAP
doctl 1.0.0-r1
drush 6.7.0 Command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal
durep 0.9-r4 A perl script designed for monitoring disk usage in a more visual way than du
ec2-ami-tools 1.5.6 These command-line tools serve as the client interface to the Amazon EC2 web service
eclean-kernel 9999
ego 1.0.1 Funtoo's configuration tool: ego, epro.
elektra 9999 Framework to store config parameters in hierarchical key-value pairs
emacs-updater 9999 Rebuild Emacs packages
empower 9999 graphical sudo application
enman 0.4 a layman equivalent for entropy repositories
enpass 5.3.0 A cross-platform, complete password management solution that securely manages passwords and all other life important credentials like bank accounts, Credit cards, IDs, passport, driving licenses etc. Everything is saved locally on user’s device and optionally he can sync through other devices using his accounts of Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud and ownCloud.
entr 3.6
equo 302 Entropy Package Manager text-based client
eselect 9999 Gentoo's multi-purpose configuration and management tool
eselect-bashrcng 0.2.0 Utility to change the Portage bashrcng
eselect-boost 0.4-r1 boost module for eselect
eselect-ctags 9999 Manages ctags implementations
eselect-dmd 20090203 Manages configuration for DMD versions and libraries
eselect-emacs 9999-r1 Manage multiple Emacs versions on one system
eselect-glau 2.1.0 Gentoo/Linux Auto-Updater utility
eselect-gradle 0.1 Manage multiple Gradle versions on one system
eselect-guile 100 Manage multiple Guile versions on one system (transition ebuild)
eselect-icc 0.1 Manages different Intel C/C++ compiler (icc) installations
eselect-init 0.6 Eselect module for switching between /sbin/init implementations
eselect-ispell 0.1 Manages the /usr/bin/ispell symlink
eselect-java 9999 A set of eselect modules for Java
eselect-luajit 0.1 Manages LuaJIT symlinks
eselect-mesa 0.0.8 Utility to change the Mesa OpenGL driver being used
eselect-opencl 0.1.1 Manages different OpenCL implementation installations using eselect.
eselect-opengl 1.2.5-r9 Utility to change the OpenGL interface being used
eselect-php 0.7.1-r3 PHP eselect module
eselect-postgresql 0.3 Utility to change the default postgresql installation
eselect-python 20111108-r1 Eselect module for management of multiple Python versions
eselect-scala 0.1 Manages Scala symlinks
eselect-sendmail 0.1 An eselect module to manage the sendmail symbolic links.
eselect-tcltk 1.0.0 Manages Tcl/Tk symlinks
eselect-uimage 0.2-r1 Eselect module for making easy to switch between u-boot Linux kernels
eselect-vala 9999 Eselect module to maintain vala compiler symlink
eselect-wine 1 Wine eselect module and env support
eselect-xim 0.9.1 Manages Input Method of X
eselect-xorgconf 0.3 An eselect module to manage /etc/X11/xorg.conf symlink.
etckeeper 0.43 MIB collection for netdisco
evtxtools 1.1.1-r1 Read, decode and dump Windows Vista/2008/7 event log file
f3 9999 Fight Flash Fraud, or Fight Fake Flash
fam 2.7.0-r7 FAM, the File Alteration Monitor
fetchlog 1.4 Displays the last new messages of a logfile
fifo-cronolog 1.1.1 cronolog wrapper for use with dumb daemons like squid, varnish and so on
filebeat-bin 1.2.3
filewatcher 2.4.6 This is a configuration file control system and IDS
findcruft2 9999 findcruft2 is a tool to find orphaned files for unmerged packages
firstboot 1.110-r1 Initial system configuration utility
fleet 9999-r1 A Distributed init System
fsvs 1.2.5-r2
gam-server 0.1.10-r2 Library providing the FAM File Alteration Monitor API
gamin 0.1.10-r1 Meta package providing the File Alteration Monitor API & Server
genmenu 9999 a tool for generating freedesktop-compliant menus
genromfs 0.5.2 Create space-efficient, small, read-only romfs filesystems
gentoo-rsync-mirror 1.0-r5 Ebuild for setting up a Gentoo rsync mirror
gentool 0.2.9 gentoo system management
geolizer 2.01.10_p20070115-r1 Webserver log file analyzer
github-backup-utils 2.6.3
gkrellm 2.3.7
glance 2016.1.9999
gnome-system-log 9999 System log viewer for GNOME
grubconfig 1.28-r2
gtkdiskfree 2.0.2 Graphical tool to show free disk space like df
hacking-ca 0.1 A simple Certificate Authority (CA) with support for extended X.509 features
hacking-csr 0.1 Utility for creating Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) with support for extended X.509 features
hardening-check 2.7 Report the hardening characterists of a set of binaries
hardinfo 0.5.2_pre20130823 A system information and benchmark tool for Linux systems
haskell-updater 1.2.9 Rebuild Haskell dependencies in Gentoo
hddtemp 0.3_beta15-r7 A simple utility to read the temperature of SMART capable hard drives
hot-babe 0.2.2 Displays the system activity in a very special way ;-)
hp-health HP System Health Application and Insight Management Agents Package (Formerly HPASM)
hp-snmp-agents 9.50 HP System SNMP agents
hpasm HP System Health Application and Insight Management Agents Package
ide-smart 1.4-r1 A tool to read SMART information from harddiscs
integrator 0.1-r2 Diskless Install System
integrit 4.1-r1 file integrity verification program
istatd 0.5.7 Monitoring daemon serving statistics to your iStat iPhone application
jailkit 2.19 Allows you to easily put programs and users in a chrooted environment
jinit 0.1.12-r1 An alternative to sysvinit which supports the need(8) concept
kedpm 0.4.0-r2 Ked Password Manager helps to manage large amounts of passwords and related information
keepass 2.34 A free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager
keepass-bin 2.22 KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
keepasshttp 9999 KeePass plugin to expose password entries securely (256bit AES/CBC) over HTTP
keepassx 9999 Qt password manager compatible with its Win32 and Pocket PC versions. Fork by user surefire with additional features.
kernel-check 0.3.17 Gentoo Kernel Security
killproc 2.13-r1 killproc and assorted tools for boot scripts
kpcli 3.0 A command line interface to KeePass database files
lastpass 3.2.15 Online password manager and form filler that makes web browsing easier and more secure
lastpass-binary-component 4.1.2
lastpass-cli 0.9.0
ldapscripts 1.5 Shell scripts to manage POSIX accounts in an LDAP.
lib_users 0.9 Checks /proc for libraries being mapped but marked as deleted
lightdm-another-gtk-greeter-settings 9999 Settings editor for LightDM Another GTK+ greeter
lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings 1.2.1
linode-cli 1.4.7
listadmin 2.40 Listadmin is a Perl script designed to administer Mailman mailinglists easily.
littleutils 1.0.36
lnav 0.8.0
localepurge 0.5.4-r2 Script to recover diskspace on unneeded locale files & localized man pages
log4tailer 3.0 Advanced log tailer written in python
logcheck 1.3.17 Mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the administrator
logcheck-extra 1 Extra helper files for app-admin/logcheck
logmon 0.4.4-r1 Split-screen terminal/ncurses based log viewer
logrotate 3.9.2-r2
logsentry 1.1.1-r1 automatically monitor system logs and mail security violations on a periodic basis
logstalgia 1.0.7 Replays or streams an access_log as a retro arcade game-like simulation
logstash-bin 2.3.4 Tool for managing events and logs
logstash-forwarder 0.4.0-r1 Collects logs locally in preparation for processing elsewhere
logsurfer+ 1.8-r2
logswan 1.05
longrun 0.9-r4 A utility to control Transmeta's Crusoe and Efficeon processors
lsat The Linux Security Auditing Tool
lsyncd 2.1.5 Live Syncing (Mirror) Daemon
makepasswd 1.10 Random password generator
mate-system-tools 1.8.1 Tools aimed to make easy the administration of UNIX systems
matter 302 Automated Packages Builder for Portage and Entropy
mcelog 122 A tool to log and decode Machine Check Exceptions
mcollective 2.9.0 Framework to build server orchestration or parallel job execution systems
mcollective-client 2.8.1 Framework to build server orchestration or parallel job execution systems
mcollective-server 2.8.1 Framework to build server orchestration or parallel job execution systems
mcrcon 0.0.5 Mcrcon
metalog 3-r1 A highly configurable replacement for syslogd/klogd
mktwpol 0.2.5 Bash scripts to install tripwire and generate tripwire policy files
mms-agent MongoDB MMS agents
mongo-tools 3.2.9 A high-performance, open source, schema-free document-oriented database
monit 5.6 a utility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs running on a Unix system
mozilla_password_dump 9999 Dump Firefox, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird passwords from profile
multilog-watch 1.12 Watches a multilog file for irregularities
needrestart 9999
netiq-advanced-admin Advanced Snapin for ConsoleOne
netiq-consoleone 1.3.6h_p2-r3 ConsoleOne - merge this to pull in all net-misc/netiq-* c1 packages
netiq-groupwise-admin Novell GroupWise Administration
netiq-ichain-admin 2.1-r2 Novell iChain 2.1 Snap-in
netiq-messenger-admin Novell Messenger administration snap-in for ConsoleOne.
netiq-ncs-admin 1.7-r2 Novell Cluster Services 1.7 Snap-in
netiq-nds4nt-admin 2.01 Novell Account Manager 2.01 Snap-in
netiq-ndssfrep NDS Filtered Replica Snapins
netiq-ndssice eDirectory ICE ConsoleOne Snapin
netiq-ndssimgr NDS IndexManager Snapins
netiq-ndssldap NDS LDAP Snapins
netiq-ndsspki NDS PKI Snapins
netiq-ndssslp NDS SLP Snapins
netiq-ndsswan NDS Wanman Snapins
netiq-nisnfs-admin 85.00.00-r2 Novell NDS Import/Export Assistent 85.00.00 Snap-in
netiq-nmas-admin 2.0.1-r2 Novell Modular Authentication Services 2.0 Snap-in
netiq-nmas-method-admin 2.0.1-r2 Novell Modular Authentication Services Method 2.0 Snap-in
netiq-novlc1 Novell ConsoleOne
netiq-nss-admin 1.02 Novell Storage Services Snap-in
netiq-radius-admin 2.0.1-r2 Novell RADIUS Snap-in
netiq-rconsolej 6.6.00-r4 Novell Secure RemoteConsole Snap-in
netiq-unix-admin 2.1-r2 Novell Unix Account Management Snap-in
newsyslog 1.1 a highly configurable program for managing and archiving log files
ngxtop 0.0.3_pre141201 real-time metrics for nginx server (and others)
noobjuice-gentoo 0.3 The Gentoo base system plugins for the NoobJuice system administration GUI
noobjuice-viewer 0.3 Viewer for the NoobJuice plugin-based GUI for Gentoo system administration.
novell-imanager 2.7.291 Novell iManager
novell-plugin-base 2.7.299 Novell iManager
one-context 9999 OpenNebula contextualization scripts.
openrc-settingsd 1.0.1-r1 System settings D-Bus service for OpenRC
openwbem 3.2.2 The OpenWBEM CIMOM
osinfo 0.3.0_rc1 lists system information available to the OS
packagekit 1.0.11-r1
packagekit-base 1.0.3 Manage packages in a secure way using a cross-distro and cross-architecture API
packagekit-gtk 1.0.3 Gtk3 PackageKit backend library
packagekit-qt 0.9.5
paco 2.0.9-r1 Source code package organizer
pardalys 0.0.6 p@rdalys provides the full configuration set for the Kolab Server and is based on puppet.
pass 9999 Stores, retrieves, generates, and synchronizes passwords securely using gpg, pwgen, and git
pass_python_keyring 1.0 a pass-powered backend for Python Keyring Lib
passook 20121001 Password generator capable of generating pronounceable and/or secure passwords
passwordsafe 0.99_beta Password manager with wxGTK based frontend
paxtest 0.9.15 PaX regression test suite
perl-cleaner 9999
petit 1.1.1 Log analysis tool for systems administrators
petrovich 1.0.0 Filesystem Integrity Checker
phpdaemon 0.1 php script daemon
phpsyslogng 2.9.8m-r1 php-syslog-ng is a log monitor designed to easily manage logs from many hosts
pmlogdaemon 126 The Open WebOS logging daemon implementation
pony 0.1.0_pre20160104
poweradmin 2.1.6 Poweradmin is a friendly web-based DNS administration tool for the PowerDNS server
pprocm 1.0-r1 a ncurses which monitors the CPU, disk, network and memory usage
prelude-manager 3.0.0
procinfo 18-r2 Displays some kernel stats and info on a running Linux system
procinfo-ng 2.0.304-r1 Completely rewrite of the old system monitoring app procinfo
profile-cleaner 2.35 Vacuum and reindex browser sqlite databases
psmon 1.39-r1 Monitors process table to slay aggressive, and spawn dead, processes
puppet 4.4.2 A system automation and configuration management software.
puppet-agent 1.6.0 general puppet client utils along with mcollective hiera and facter
puppet-dashboard 1.2.23 The Puppet Dashboard is a web interface and reporting tool for your Puppet installation.
puppet-lint 2.0.2 A linter for puppet DSL
puppetdb 4.2.1 PuppetDB collects data generated by Puppet.
puppetserver 2.5.0 Puppet Server is the next-generation application for managing Puppet agents.
pwcrypt 1.2.2-r1 An improved version of cli-crypt (encrypts data sent to it from the cli)
pwgen 2.07 Password Generator
pwstore 0.20140414 Stores passwords in a set of encrypted files
pydf 12-r1
pysdm 0.4.1 Storage Device Manager
python-updater 9999 Script used to reinstall Python packages after changing active Python versions
qgrubeditor 2.5.0 QGRUBEditor is a system tool to view and edit the GRUB boot loader
qpage 3.3 Sends messages to an alphanumeric pager via TAP protocol
qtpass 1.1.0 multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager
quickswitch 1.05 Utility to switch network profiles on the fly
r10k 1.5.1 Puppet environment and module deployment
rabbitmqadmin 3.1.3 Command line administration tool for RabbitMQ
radmind 1.14.1-r1 command-line tools and server to remotely administer multiple Unix filesystems
ranpwd 1.2 Generate random passwords using the in-kernel cryptographically secure random number generator
rcm 1.2.3 Management suite for dotfiles
recursos 2.0 Script to create html and text report about your system
remotebox 2.0
reportmagic 2.21 Makes usable statistics from your web site log file analysis
reprepro 4.3.0-r1 Debian repository creator and maintainer application
restart_services 0.9.6 Utility to manage OpenRC services that need to be restarted
restic 0.1.0
rex 1.4.1
rigo 300 Rigo, the Sabayon Application Browser
rofi-pass 1.4.1 Rofi frontend for pass
rsyslog 8.19.0
sagan 1.0.0_rc3 Sagan is a multi-threaded, real time system and event log monitoring system
sagan-rules 99999999 Rules for Sagan log analyzer
salt 9999 Salt is a remote execution and configuration manager
sblim-sfcb 1.3.16 Small Footprint CIM Broker (sfcb)
scrounge-ntfs 0.9 Data recovery program for NTFS file systems.
sentry 5.0.21 Streamline app maintenance and debugging in real-time
setools 9999
shellinabox 2.10 Web based AJAX terminal emulator
sigar 9999 System Information Gatherer And Reporter
siteadm 0.2.2 per user apache config snippet management tool
slarch 0.1 tool for managing archives of logfiles
snoopy 1.9.0 Snoopy will log execve() calls into syslog.
socklog 2.1.0 small secure replacement for syslogd with automatic log rotation
spass 1.0 A secure password generator utility that utilizes /dev/random
squidview 0.73 CLI to monitors and displays squid logs in a nice fashion
sshguard 1.7.0
stow 2.2.2 Manage installation of software in /var/lib/
sud 1.3-r1 A daemon to execute processes with special (and customizable) privileges in a nosuid environment
sudo 9999
sudosh2 1.0.5 sudosh is a sudo shell, filter and can be used as a login shell
sudox 3.12 sudox is a wrapper for sudo which can pass X authority data and deal with screen and tmux
sulfur 1.0_rc87 Sulfur, the Entropy Package Manager Store
superadduser 1.0.9 Interactive adduser script from Slackware
supernova 2.2.0 novaclient wrapper for multiple nova environments
supervisor 3.3.0 A system for controlling process state under UNIX
swatch 3.2.3-r2 Perl-based system log watcher
sxid 4.2-r1 suid, sgid file and directory checking
syndgen 0.2.3 A distant Gentoo synchronizer helper
sysklogd 1.5.1 Standard log daemons
syslog-ng 3.7.3 syslog replacement with advanced filtering features
syslog-summary 1.14-r1 Summarizes the contents of a syslog log file
syslogread 0.92-r1 Syslog message handling tools
sysrqd 14 daemon providing access to the kernel sysrq functions via network
sysstat 11.4.0 System performance tools for Linux
system-config-boot 0.2.12 A graphical interface for configuring the boot loader
system-config-date 1.9.57-r1 The system-config-date tool lets you set the date and time of your machine.
system-config-keyboard 1.3.1-r1 Fedora legacy keyboard management tool.
system-config-netboot 0.1.41 A network booting/install configuration utility
system-config-printer 1.4.8 GNOME frontend for a Red Hat's printer administration tool
system-config-users 1.2.96-r2 The system-config-users tool lets you manage the users and groups on your computer.
system-tools-backends 2.10.2 Tools aimed to make easy the administration of UNIX systems
systemrescuecd-x86 4.8.1 The .iso image of SystemRescueCD rescue disk, x86 (+ amd64) variant
tenshi 0.15 Log parsing and notification program
terraform 0.6.12
testdisk 9999 Checks and undeletes partitions + PhotoRec, signature based recovery tool
tho-puppet-bootstrap 0.2.3 If you want to use puppet without the puppet server, you can use it via git with a recent puppet setup via rubygems
tmpreaper 1.6.13 A utility for removing files based on when they were last accessed
tmpwatch 2.11-r2
tripwire Open Source File Integrity Checker and IDS
trousseau 0.3.5_pre20150212
tuxboot 39 Tuxboot helps you to create a bootable Live USB drive for Clonezilla live, DRBL live, GParted live and Tux2live.
ulogd 9999 A userspace logging daemon for netfilter/iptables related logging
update-ca-certificates 0.7 An application to update the CA certificate databases for NSS, OpenSSL and SSH.
update-conf 9999 script for flexible /etc/<conf>.d configuration
usbview 2.0 Display the topology of devices on the USB bus
usermin 1.440 a web-based user administration interface
uwsgitop 0.8 uWSGI top-like application
vault 9999
verynice 1.1-r3
vlogger 1.3-r1 Virtual web logfile rotater/parser, similar to cronolog and httplog
watchfolder 0.3.3 Watches directories and processes files, similar to the watchfolder option of Acrobat Distiller
webalizer 2.23.08 Webserver log file analyzer
webalizer-stonesteps Webserver log file analyzer
webapp-config 9999 Gentoo's installer for web-based applications
webmin 1.791 A web-based Unix systems administration interface
whowatch 1.8.5 interactive who-like program that displays information about users currently logged on in real time
wol-init 0.4 Init script which sets up the ethernet devices for wakeonlan
wsl 0.2.1 Wsman Shell Command Line whistle
xstow 1.0.1 replacement for GNU stow with extensions
xtail 2.1-r1 Tail multiple logfiles at once, even if rotated
yaala 0.7.3-r2 Yet Another Log Analyzer
yadm 1.04