Packages for category app-antivirus:

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Name Latest version Description
360safe 360safe for Linux
avast4workstation 1.3.0-r2 avast! Linux Home Edition
clamav 0.99.2 Clam Anti-Virus Scanner
clamav-unofficial-sigs 5.4.1
clamd-stream-client 1.3 Small client to ask a remote clamav antivirus server if a file contains a virus
clamtk 5.18 A frontend for ClamAV using Gtk2-perl
drweb 6.0-r1 DrWeb virus scaner for Linux
drweb-bases 6.0-r1 DrWeb Bases
drweb-common 6.0-r1 DrWeb Common Files
drweb-es-console 5.00 DrWeb Enterprise Suite Console
drweb-esuite 5.00-r9 DrWeb virus scaner Enterprise Suite
drweb-libs 6.0-r1 DrWeb Runtime librarys
drweb-scanner 6.0-r1 DrWeb Antivirus Scanner
drweb-updater 6.0-r1 DrWeb Updater
f-prot 6.0.3 Frisk Software's f-prot virus scanner
klamav 0.46 KlamAV is a KDE frontend for the ClamAV antivirus.
malheur 0.5.4 malware analysis tool
malmon 0.3 Malware Monitor
scannedonly_clamd 0.9 Simple replacement for scannedonly package for clamd, written on perl
skyldav 0.6 Skyld AV: on-access scanning daemon for ClamAV using fanotify