Packages for category app-benchmarks:

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Name Latest version Description
acovea 5.1.1-r1 Analysis of Compiler Options via Evolutionary Algorithm
acovea-gtk 1.0.1 Analysis of Compiler Options via Evolutionary Algorithm GUI
autobench 2.1.2 A tool for automating the process of benchmarking a web server
bashmark 0.6.2 Geno's cross platform benchmarking suite
bonnie 2.0.6-r1 Performance Test of Filesystem I/O using standard C library calls
bonnie++ 1.97-r1
boom 20151223
bootchart 0.9.2-r1 Performance analysis and visualization of the system boot process
bootchart2 0.14.7-r1 Performance analysis and visualization of the system boot process
btl 9999 Bench Template Library
contest 0.61-r1
cpuburn 1.4a-r1 Designed to heavily load CPU chips [testing purposes]
cuda_memtest 1.2.3 A GPU memory test utility for NVIDIA and AMD GPUs using well established patterns from memtest86/memtest86+ as well as additional stress tests. The tests are designed to find hardware and soft errors. The code is written in CUDA and OpenCL.
dbench 4.0 Popular filesystem benchmark
ffsb 6.0_rc2 The Flexible Filesystem Benchmark is a cross-platform filesystem performance measurement tool.
forkbomb 1.4 Controlled fork() bomber for testing heavy system load
glmark2 9999 Opengl test suite
gtkperf 0.40-r1 Application designed to test GTK+ performance
hardinfo 0.5.1 HardInfo is a system information and benchmark tool for Linux systems
httperf 9999 A tool from HP for measuring web server performance
i7z 9999 A better i7 (and now i3, i5) reporting tool for Linux
interbench 0.31 Con Kolivas' Benchmarking Suite -- Successor to Contest
ioping 0.9 Simple disk I/0 latency measuring tool
ior 9999 Parallel filesystem I/O benchmark
iozone 3.430 Filesystem benchmarking program
jmeter 2.5.1 Load test and measure performance on HTTP/FTP services and databases.
jmeter-bin 2.4 Load test and measure performance on HTTP/FTP services and databases.
libc-bench 20110206 Time and memory-efficiency tests of various C/POSIX standard library functions
lookbusy 1.4
ltp 20150903 A testsuite for the linux kernel
luxmark 9999 A GPL OpenCL Benchmark.
mdtest 1.9.3 an MPI-coordinated metadata benchmark
nbench 2.2.3-r1 Linux/Unix of release 2 of BYTE Magazine's BYTEmark benchmark
numbench 9999 Automated benchmarks suite
os-autoinst 9999 automated testing of Operating Systems
osdb 0.21 A database-independent, system-independent benchmark to enable individuals to analyze the performance of a variety of database and system configurations.
perftest 0.1 Application designed to test gtk2/gtk3 performance
phoronix-test-suite 9999 Comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform
piozone 1.0-r3 A hard-disk benchmarking tool
pipebench 0.40-r1 Measures the speed of stdin/stdout communication
punybench 9999 A set of file system microbenchmarks
qgears 2 Very simple qt4 graphics benchmark based on David Reveman cairogears
qtperf 0.2.1 Qt graphics benchmark
ramspeed 3.5.0-r2 Benchmarking for memory and cache
shoc 1.1.4_p20130826 Scalable Heterogeneous Computing Benchmark Suite
siege 3.1.4 A HTTP regression testing and benchmarking utility
spew 1.0.8-r1 Measures I/O performance and/or generates I/O load
stress 1.0.4-r1 Imposes stressful loads on different aspects of the system
stress-ng 0.06.00
sysbench 9999
systester 1.1.0 Test your system's stability and performance by calculating millions of digits of Pi.
tinymembench 9999
tiobench 0.3.3-r2 Portable, robust, fully-threaded I/O benchmark program
valley 1.0-r1 GPU stress-testing tool from the developers of Heaven Benchmark
vegeta 6.0.0
volanomark Java server benchmark utility
weighttp 9999 Small tool to benchmark webservers
wrk 3.1.2 A modern HTTP benchmarking tool