Packages for category dev-erlang:

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Name Latest version Description
bson 9999 The BSON implementation for Erlang.
cache_tab 1.0.2
epgsql 9999 Erlang PostgreSQL client library
eredis 9999 Non-blocking Redis client with focus on performance and robustness
esip 1.0.4
ezlib 1.0.1
fast_tls 1.0.3
fast_xml 1.1.3
fast_yaml 1.0.3
goldrush 9999 Small, Fast event processing and monitoring for Erlang/OTP applications
hamcrest 0.1.0_p20150103
ibrowse 9999 Ibrowse is a HTTP client written in Erlang
iconv 1.0.0
jiffy 0.14.7
jsx 9999 An erlang application for consuming, producing and manipulating json.
kjell 9999 A refurbished Erlang shell with support for color profiles and extensions.
kvs 9999 Key-Value Storages Framework for Erlang
lager 9999 A logging framework for Erlang/OTP
luerl 0.2
mad 9999 A simple rebar-compatible dependency manager
meck 0.8.3
mochiweb 9999 An Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers.
mongodb 9999 MongoDB driver for Erlang.
mysql-otp 9999 A driver for connecting Erlang/OTP applications to MySQL databases.
p1_mysql 1.0.1
p1_oauth2 0.6.1
p1_pam 1.0.0
p1_pgsql 1.1.0
p1_utils 1.0.4
p1_xmlrpc 1.15.1
proper 1.1_p20160426
protobuffs 0.8.2
rebar 1 rebar is an Erlang build tool which simplifies compilation and testing
riakc 2.1.1_p20151111
sh 9999 Family of functions and ports involving interacting with the system shell, paths and external programs
sqlite3 1.1.5
stringprep 1.0.3
stun 1.0.3
uuid 9999 This module implements UUID v1, v3, v4, and v5 as of RFC 4122.