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Name Latest version Description
abcl 1.3.1 Armed Bear Common Lisp is a Common Lisp implementation for the JVM.
acl-compat Compatibility layer for Allegro Common Lisp
alexandria 9999 A collection of public domain utilities.
anaphora 0.9.4 Anaphoric macro collection for Common Lisp
araneida 0.90.1-r1 Araneida is small, highly-portable web server for Common Lisp
archive 0.9 Archive is Nathan Froyd's tar/cpio package for CL.
arnesi 9999 arnesi is a Common Lisp utility suite
asdf 3.1.7 ASDF is Another System Definition Facility for Common Lisp
asdf-binary-locations 20061018 An ASDF-Extension to specify where your Common Lisp binaries (FASL files) should go
asdf-system-connections 9999 Provides auto-loading of systems that only make sense when several other systems are loaded.
aspectl 0.74 AspectL is a library that provides aspect-oriented extensions for Common Lisp/CLOS.
atdoc 20081130 Atdoc generates documentation for Common Lisp packages.
babel 0.4.0 A charset encoding/decoding library.
binary-types 0.90 Binary-types is a Library for accessing binary files with fixed bit-length code-words.
blowfish 0.6 Common Lisp implementation of the Blowfish encryption algorithm.
bordeaux-threads 0.8.3 A library meant to make writing portable multi-threaded apps simple.
buildapp 1.4.6 Create executables with SBCL
cells 9999 Cells is a Common Lisp library providing a data flow extension to CLOS.
cells-gtk 9999 Cells is a Common Lisp library providing a data flow extension to CLOS.
cffi 9999 The Common Foreign Function Interface (CFFI)
ch-asdf 0.2.14 ASDF Extensions from Cyrus Harmon.
ch-util 0.3.10 Cyrus Harmon's Common Lisp utility library.
chipz 0.8 A library for decompressing deflate, zlib, and gzip data.
chronicity 0.2.7 A natural language date and time parser for Common Lisp.
chunga 1.1.5 Portable chunked streams for Common Lisp
cl-aima 1.0.4-r1 Common Lisp source code from Peter Norvig's Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
cl-base64 3.3.3 Common Lisp package to encode and decode base64 with URI support
cl-berkeley-db 0.3.0 A common-lisp wrapper to the Berkeley database library.
cl-cairo2 9999 Comon Lisp bindings for the Cairo API
cl-charms 9999 A set of CFFI bindings for libcurses (ncurses), a GUI-like console
cl-closure-template 0.2.1 Common Lisp implementation of Closure Template from Google
cl-colors 9999 A simple package for different color representations in Common Lisp.
cl-cont 0.3.7 CL-CONT is a code walker that implements delimited continuations in Common Lisp.
cl-containers 0.11.5 CL-containers adds trees, sparse arrays, and other useful containers to CommonLisp.
cl-darcs 0.2_p20080314-r1 CL-DARCS is a client for the darcs version control system written in Common Lisp.
cl-difflib 9999 CL-DIFFLIB is a Lisp library for computing differences between sequences.
cl-emb 0.4.4 Embedded Common Lisp and template system
cl-fad 0.7.2 CL-FAD is a thin portability layer atop the Common Lisp standard pathname functions.
cl-ftp 1.5.0 FTP Client Functionality for Common Lisp
cl-gd 0.6.0 CL-GD is a library for Common Lisp which interfaces to the GD Graphics Library
cl-glfw 9999 Set of CFFI bindings for the GLFW OpenGL helper library
cl-graph 0.10.2 Graph manipulation utilities for Common Lisp.
cl-graphviz 0.1_pre20081112 Common Lisp CFFI-based interface to graphviz.
cl-gtk2 0.1.1-r1 A Common Lisp interface to Gtk+.
cl-heredoc 9999 Common Lisp reader heredoc dispatcher
cl-html-diff 0.1 A Common Lisp library for generating a human-readable diff of two HTML documents.
cl-html-parse 1.0 A parser that parses HTML documents and generates a sexp-based representation.
cl-i18n 0.4 A gettext-style internationalization framework for Common Lisp
cl-interpol 0.2.2 String interpolation for Common Lisp similar to Perl or Unix shell scripts.
cl-irc 0.9.1 A Common Lisp IRC client library
cl-jpeg 9999 A JPEG library for Common Lisp
cl-json 0.5.0 A Lisp parser and generator for the JSON data-interchange format
cl-l10n 0.4 A portable library for handling program localization.
cl-launch 4.0.3 cl-launch is a unix utility to make your Lisp software easily invokable from the shell command-line.
cl-libxml2 0.3.4 High-level Common Lisp wrapper around libxml2 and libxslt.
cl-log 1.0.1 CL-LOG is a general purpose logging utility.
cl-m4 9999 Common Lisp re-implementation of GNU M4
cl-markdown 0.10.5 CL-Markdown is a Common Lisp rewrite of Markdown.
cl-mathstats 0.8.2-r1 Common Lisp math and statistics routines.
cl-mime 0.5.3 A Common Lisp library for constructing and manipulating MIME objects.
cl-mongo 9999 Lisp interface to mongo db
cl-opengl 9999 A set of CFFI bindings to the OpenGL, GLU and GLUT APIs.
cl-pdf 9999 CL-PDF is a cross-platform Common Lisp library for generating PDF files
cl-plus 1.0 Common Lisp extensions such as a DEFCONSTANT wrappers
cl-plus-ssl 20081104 A simple Common Lisp interface to OpenSSL.
cl-ppcre 2.0.9 CL-PPCRE is a portable regular expression library for Common Lisp.
cl-ppcre-unicode 2.0.9 CL-PPCRE is a portable regular expression library for Common Lisp.
cl-prevalence 9999 CL-PREVALENCE is an implementation of Object Prevalence for Common Lisp.
cl-qprint 0.2.1 A Common Lisp Library for encoding and decoding strings in quoted-printable format.
cl-recaptcha 1.0 Straightforward Common Lisp interconnection
cl-routes 0.2.5 Common Lisp re-implementation of the Rails routes system for mapping URLs.
cl-sasl 0.3.1 SASL client implementation for Common Lisp
cl-sendmail 0.5.5 A Common Lisp library for sending email.
cl-smtp 20100505.1 A Common Lisp client library for the SMTP network protocol.
cl-sqlite 0.2 A CommonLisp interface to the SQLite embedded relational database engine.
cl-store 9999 CL-STORE is a Common Lisp library for serializing and deserializing Common Lisp objects.
cl-typegraph 9999 Stand-alone Common Lisp graph typesetting system
cl-typesetting 9999 CL-TYPESETTING is a complete typesetting system written in Common Lisp.
cl-unicode 0.1.5 Provides Common Lisp implementations with knowledge about Unicode characters.
cl-uri 0.4.0-r1 A library to parse/manipulate/use uris
cl-utilities 1.2.4 A Common Lisp library of semi-standard utilities.
cl-variates 0.9.0-r1 Portable Common Lisp Random Number Generation.
cl-vectors 0.1.5 A pure Common Lisp library to create, transform and render anti-aliased vectorial paths.
cl-webdav 0.2.1 A WebDAV server written in Common Lisp.
cl-who 1.1.4 CL-WHO (is yet another Lisp Markup Language).
cl-xmpp 0.8.1 A Common Lisp client implementation of the XMPP.
cl-yacc 0.3 CL-YACC is a LALR(1) parser generator for Common Lisp
cl-yahoo 0.5 CL-YAHOO is a Common Lisp interface to the Yahoo! API
clawk 20060313 An AWK-like text processing language with a Lispy implementation.
climacs 20080209-r1 Climacs is an Emacs-like text editor written in Common Lisp.
clinch 9999 Common Lisp 3D/2D Graphics Engine for OpenGL
clisp 2.50_pre20130414 A portable, bytecode-compiled implementation of Common Lisp
clon 0.0.2 A Common Lisp task scheduler library similar to Unix cron.
closer-mop 1.0.0 Closer to MOP is a Common Lisp Metaobject Protocol compatibility layer.
closure 20080602 Closure is a web browser implemented in Common Lisp, implemented using CLIM.
closure-common 20081130 closure-common is a helper library for Closure and Closure XML implementing runes.
closure-html 20100920 An HTML parser written in Common Lisp.
clozurecl 1.9-r3 ClozureCL is a Common Lisp implementation, derived from Digitool's MCL product
clsql 6.4.1 A multi-platform SQL interface for Common Lisp
clx 9999 A fork of crhodes' fork of danb's fork of the CLX library, an X11 client for Common Lisp
cmucl 21a CMU Common Lisp is an implementation of ANSI Common Lisp
colorize 9999 Colorize is a Common Lisp application for colorizing source code.
common-idioms 3 A small Common Lisp library implementing various Common Lisp idioms.
common-lisp-controller 5.13-r1 Common Lisp Controller
contextl 0.61 CLOS extension for context-oriented Programming
cxml 9999 An XML parser written in Common Lisp
cxml-rng 20081130 An implementation of Relax NG schema validation written in Common Lisp.
cxml-stp 20081130 A Common Lisp alternative to the W3C's DOM.
defsystem-compatibility 0.1.2 A compatibility layer that helps make different system definitions play nicely using the same rules.
diff 0.4-r1 DIFF is a Common Lisp library for computing the unified or context difference between two files.
documentation-template 0.4.3 Prepare HTML documentation for Common Lisp libraries
dpans2texi 1.04 draft ANSI Common Lisp standard
drakma 1.3.2 Drakma is a Common Lisp HTTP client.
dynamic-classes 1.0.2's dynamic class utility.
ecls 16.1.2-r1 ECL is an embeddable Common Lisp implementation
elephant 0.9.1 Elephant is an object database for Common Lisp
emacs-cl 0_pre20060526 An implementation of Common Lisp written in Emacs Lisp
environment 1.3 Provides an CLOS (CL Object System) encapsulation of the current CL implementation environment
eos 9999 Eos is a drop-in replacement for the FiveAM Test Framework
esrap 9999 ESRAP -- a packrat parser generator for Common Lisp
external-program 0 A portable Common Lisp library for running external programs from within Lisp
f-underscore 0.1 F-underscore is a tiny library of functional programming utils.
fare-csv 20090925 FARE-CSV is a Common Lisp library for importing CSV (Common Separated Values) formatted text files
fare-matcher 20090115 A library of macros and functions by Fare Rideau.
fare-utils 20090115 A collection of small utilities by Fare Rideau.
filtered-functions 0.10 .
fiveam 1.1 FiveAM is a simple regression testing framework designed for Common Lisp.
flexi-streams 1.0.15 Flexible bivalent streams for Common Lisp
flexichain 1.5.1 Flexichain is an API for editable sequences.
garbage-pools 0.1.2 garbage-pools is a Common Lisp re-implementation of the APR Pools for resource management.
gcc-xml-ffi 0.1.6 A system for automatically generating common lisp foreign function interface (FFI) bindings from C and C++ code.
gcl 2.7.0_alpha GCL is the official Common Lisp for the GNU project.
genhash 1.7 Common Lisp library providing support for generic hashtables.
gentoo-init 1.0 Simple ASDF2 configuration for Gentoo Common Lisp ports
graylex 9999 Gray lexer input streams
html-encode 1.2 Common Lisp library for encoding text in various web-savvy formats.
html-template 0.9.1 html-template is a portable templating library for Common Lisp
hunchentoot 1.2.31 Hunchentoot is a web server written in Common Lisp.
hunchentoot-auth 0.2 HTTP authentication with Hunchentoot.
hunchentoot-cgi 0.2 CGI handlers for Hunchentoot.
hunchentoot-vhost 0.2 Virtual hosting with Hunchentoot.
hyperobject 2.11.0 Hyperobject is a Common Lisp library for representing objects.
hyperspec 7.0-r2 Common Lisp ANSI-standard Hyperspec
ieee-floats 0.1_pre20080922 A library for converting values of type FLOAT and DOUBLE-FLOAT to and from their binary representation as defined by IEEE 754.
iolib 0.7.3 A Comm Lisp I/O library.
irc-logger 0.9.4 A Common Lisp IRC logger library
ironclad 0.28 Ironclad is a Common Lisp library similar to OpenSSL, GNU TLS or Crypto++
iterate 1.4.3 ITERATE is a lispy and extensible replacement for the Common Lisp LOOP macro
kmrcl 1.106 General Utilities for Common Lisp Programs from Kevin Rosenberg
kr 2.3.4 KR is a highly flexible and dynamic prototype-based object system for Common Lisp.
let-plus 9999 LET+: destructuring extension of LET*
levenshtein 1.0 Implementation of the Levenshtein Distance.
lexer 20060301 Lexical-analyzer-generator package for Common Lisp
lift 9999 LIFT is yet another LIsp Framework for Testing
linedit 9999 Linedit is a readline-style library written in Common Lisp.
lisp-unit 9999 A Common Lisp library for unit testing.
lispbuilder-sdl Lisp Application Builder Interface to libSDL
lispbuilder-sdl-gfx 0.7.0 Lisp Application Builder Interface to libSDL
lispbuilder-sdl-image 0.5.0 Lisp Application Builder Interface to libSDL
lispbuilder-sdl-ttf 0.3.0 Lisp Application Builder Interface to SDL_ttf
lml 2.5.7 Common Lisp package to provide a markup language for generation XHTML web pages
lml2 1.6.6-r1 A Common Lisp package for generating HTML and XHTML documents
local-time 1.0.1_p20100617 LOCAL-TIME is a development library for manipulating date and time information.
log5 0.3.2 Log5 is a Common Lisp logging framework.
ltk 0.91 LTK is a Common Lisp binding for the Tk graphics toolkit which does not require any Tk knowledge for its usage.
lw-compat 0.23 LispWorks compatibility library for the Closer to MOP project.
madeira-port 9999 Makes it easy to specify implementation (or feature) dependent files as part of an ASDF system
mcclim 0.9.6-r3 McCLIM is a free software implementation of CLIM.
md5 2.0.1 A fast implementation of MD5 message-digests
mel-base 0.8.0-r1 A Common Lisp networking library for handling e-mail from Maildir, POP3, IMAP and SMTP
memoization 20060126 Memoization support to CMU Common Lisp
meta 0.1.2 A library of macros and functions by Fare Rideau.
metabang-bind 9999 BIND combines LET*, DESTRUCTURING-BIND and MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND into a single form.
metacopy 0.2-r1 Flexible Common Lisp shallow/deep copy mechanism.
metatilities 0.6.18 Metatilities is's set of core utilities.
metatilities-base 0.6.6-r1's base set of core utilities.
montezuma 0.1.3 A fast, useful text search engine library written entirely in pure Common Lisp.
mop-features 0.50 Provides a way to check what features a Common Lisp implementation supports.
moptilities 0.3.13 Moptilities provides a compatibility layer for minor MOP implmentation differences.
named-readtables 0.9-r1 A Common Lisp library that provides a namespace for readtables.
net-telent-date 0.4.1-r1 Common Lisp utilities for printing and parsing date
newlisp 10.5.4 newLISP - a new generation of Lisp!
nibbles 0.9 A library for accessing multibyte integers from octet arrays and streams
nuclblog 0.5 Virtual hosting with Hunchentoot.
org-davep-cldict 1.1 RFC2229 client for Common Lisp and CLIM
org-davep-dict 2.3 An RFC2229 client library for Common Lisp
org-davep-dictrepl 2.2 An RFC2229 client REPL for Common Lisp
org-davep-newsrc 2.0 Common Lisp class for reading the Unix-style ~/.newsrc file
org-davep-nntp 2.0 Common Lisp class for talking to a NNTP news server
osicat 0.6.0 osicat is a lightweight operating system interface for Common Lisp on Unix-platforms.
parenscript 2.5 Parenscript is a small lispy language that can be compiled to JavaScript.
parse-number 1.3 Common Lisp library for parsing any number string
picolisp 3.1.6 A fast and lightweight Lisp interpreter
plexippus-xpath 20081207 An XPath implementation written in Common Lisp.
png 0.4-r2 Common Lisp package to read and write png image files
portable-threads 0.9.6_p20071120 GBBopen project's portable-thread code.
postmodern 1.18-r1 A Common Lisp library for interacting with PostgreSQL databases.
ptester 2.1.2-r1 A Common Lisp test harness based on the Franz, Inc. tester module.
puri 1.5.5 Portable URI library for Common Lisp based on the Franz, Inc. :net.uri module.
qi 9.1 Qi is a Lisp-based functional programming implemented in Common Lisp.
regex 20070506 Common Lisp regular expression compiler/matcher
rfc2388 1.5 An implementation of RFC 2388 in Common Lisp
rsm-bitcomp 1.3 McIntire's Common Lisp Bit Compression Library
rsm-bool-comp 1.2 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Boolean Function Comparison library.
rsm-cache 1.1_beta3 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp cache library.
rsm-delayed 1.2 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Delayed Library.
rsm-filter 1.1_beta4 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Filter Library.
rsm-finance 1.3 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Finance Library.
rsm-fuzzy 1.4 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Fuzzy Logic Library
rsm-gen-prog 1.2 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Genetic Programming Library.
rsm-genetic-alg 1.2 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Genetic Algorithm Library.
rsm-memo 1.1.3 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Memoization Library.
rsm-mod 1.4 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Modular Arithmetic Library
rsm-modal 1.2 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Modal Logic Library.
rsm-mpoly 1.3 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Multivariate Polynomial Library.
rsm-queue 1.1c R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp queue library.
rsm-rand 1.4 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Discrete Random Number Library
rsm-random 1.4 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp Random Number Library.
rsm-rsa 1.3_p20040330 McIntire's Common Lisp RSA Library
rsm-string 1.6 R. Scott McIntire's Common Lisp String Library
rt 20040621-r4 Common Lisp regression tester from MIT
rucksack 9999 Rucksack: a flexible, light weight, open source persistence library for common lisp.
s-base64 20060521 A Common Lisp implementation of Bse64 Encoding/Decoding.
s-sysdeps 9999 A Common Lisp abstraction layer over platform dependent functionality.
s-xml 20060521-r1 S-XML is a simple XML parser implemented in Common Lisp.
s-xml-rpc 20060521 S-XML-RPC is an implementation of XML-RPC in Common Lisp for both client and server.
salza 0.7.4 Salza is a Common Lisp Library that provides an FFI-less interface to the ZLIB and DEFLATE compressed data formats.
salza-png 1.0.1 Salza-png is a graphics library that writes PNG files using Salza.
salza2 2.0.8 A compression library for creating data in the ZLIB, DEFLATE, or GZIP data formats.
sb-cga 9999 Computer graphics algebra library for SBCL.
sb-readline 0.1 Implementation of GNU Readline support for SBCL
sbcl 1.3.8
series 2.2.11 Common Lisp extension for general iteration
skippy 1.3.7 A graphics library that reads and writes GIF files. It is pure Common Lisp. It supports normal GIFs and animated GIFs.
slisp 2.3 A lisp interpreter
spatial-trees 0.2-r1 A Common Lisp library providing access to dynamic index structures for spatially-extended data.
split-sequence 1.1 Functions to partition a Common Lisp sequence into multiple result sequences
telnetlib 20080103 A CommonLisp port from Python's telnetlib library.
terminfo 9999 Common Lisp interface to the terminfo database.
timer 0.4.0-r1 An event scheduling library for SBCL by Zach Beane. It implements an interface similar to LispWorks' timer and scheduling functions.
tinaa 0.5.9 Tinaa is a flexible and general purpose Lisp documentation system.
trees 0.11-r1 Package that implements binary trees of various kinds.
trivial-backtrace 1.1.0 A simple library for generating a backtrace portably.
trivial-captcha 0.1 trivial-captcha is an exceptionally trivial library for creating images suitable for a CAPTCHA.
trivial-configuration-parser 1.1 TRIVIAL-CONFIGURATION-PARSER is a Common Lisp library for parsing its own syntax of configuration file
trivial-features 0.7 TRIVIAL-FEATURES ensures consistent *FEATURES* across multiple Common Lisp implementations.
trivial-garbage 0.19 trivial-garbage is a simple library that provides a portable API to finalizers, weak hash-tables and weak pointers.
trivial-gray-streams 9999 A thin compatibility layer between Gray Stream Common Lisp implementations
trivial-http 1.3.0 TRIVIAL-HTTP is a library for doing HTTP POST, HEAD and GET over a socket interface.
trivial-ldap 0.91 A native Common Lisp LDAP client implementation of part of RFC 2251.
trivial-shell 0.1.10 LIFT is an SUnit variant and much much more.
trivial-sockets 0.3_p20071124 A portable Common Lisp networking library for undemanding Internet clients
trivial-timeout 0.1.5 Simple library for asynchronous timeouts.
trivial-timers 0.0 Trivial timer library.
trivial-utf8 0.1_pre20080922 A small library for doing UTF-8-based input and output.
uffi 2.1.2 Portable FFI library for Common Lisp.
uiop 3.1.7 UIOP is a portability layer spun off ASDF3
url-rewrite 0.1.1-r1 Rewrite (X)HTML attributes with Common Lisp.
usocket 0.6.1 Usocket is a universal socket library for Common Lisp.
uuid 20080727 A Common Lisp library for generation of UUIDs as described by RFC 4122.
vecto 1.4.3 Vecto is a simplified interface to the powerful CL-VECTORS vector rasterization library.
weblocks 9999 Weblocks is a continuations-based web framework written in Common Lisp.
wiki-parser 0.1.2 Wiki parser framework
xlunit 0.6.3 XLUnit is a Test Framework based on XPTest and JUnit.
xmls 1.5 XMLS is a small, simple, non-validating XML parser for Common Lisp.
xmls-tools 0.2.0 A library to supplement xmls which includes support for parsing with side effects, searching and validating XML.
xuriella 20090404 A Common Lisp implementation of XSLT 1.0
zip 20080103 A library for .zip-file reading and writing, written in Common Lisp.
zpb-ttf 1.0.3 TrueType font file access library for Common Lisp.
zpng 1.2 A Common Lisp library for creating PNG files.
zs3 1.1.3 A Common Lisp library for working with Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3).