Packages for category dev-texlive:

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Name Latest version Description
texlive-basic 2015 TeXLive Essential programs and files
texlive-bibtexextra 2015 TeXLive BibTeX additional styles
texlive-context 2015 TeXLive ConTeXt and packages
texlive-documentation-arabic 2012 TeXLive Arabic documentation
texlive-documentation-base 2012 TeXLive TeX Live documentation
texlive-documentation-bulgarian 2012 TeXLive Bulgarian documentation
texlive-documentation-chinese 2012 TeXLive Chinese documentation
texlive-documentation-czechslovak 2012 TeXLive Czech/Slovak documentation
texlive-documentation-dutch 2012 TeXLive Dutch documentation
texlive-documentation-english 2012 TeXLive English documentation
texlive-documentation-finnish 2012 TeXLive Finnish documentation
texlive-documentation-french 2012 TeXLive French documentation
texlive-documentation-german 2012 TeXLive German documentation
texlive-documentation-italian 2012 TeXLive Italian documentation
texlive-documentation-japanese 2012 TeXLive Japanese documentation
texlive-documentation-korean 2012 TeXLive Korean documentation
texlive-documentation-mongolian 2012 TeXLive Mongolian documentation
texlive-documentation-polish 2012 TeXLive Polish documentation
texlive-documentation-portuguese 2012 TeXLive Portuguese documentation
texlive-documentation-russian 2012 TeXLive Russian documentation
texlive-documentation-serbian 2012 TeXLive Serbian documentation
texlive-documentation-slovenian 2012 TeXLive Slovenian documentation
texlive-documentation-spanish 2012 TeXLive Spanish documentation
texlive-documentation-thai 2012 TeXLive Thai documentation
texlive-documentation-turkish 2012 TeXLive Turkish documentation
texlive-documentation-ukrainian 2012 TeXLive Ukrainian documentation
texlive-documentation-vietnamese 2012 TeXLive Vietnamese documentation
texlive-fontsextra 2015 TeXLive Additional fonts
texlive-fontsrecommended 2015 TeXLive Recommended fonts
texlive-fontutils 2015 TeXLive Graphics and font utilities
texlive-formatsextra 2015 TeXLive Additional formats
texlive-games 2015 TeXLive Games typesetting
texlive-genericextra 2015 TeXLive Generic additional packages
texlive-genericrecommended 2015 TeXLive Generic recommended packages
texlive-htmlxml 2012 TeXLive HTML/SGML/XML support
texlive-humanities 2015 TeXLive Humanities packages
texlive-langafrican 2015 TeXLive African scripts
texlive-langarabic 2015 TeXLive Arabic
texlive-langarmenian 2012 TeXLive Armenian
texlive-langchinese 2015 TeXLive Chinese
texlive-langcjk 2015 TeXLive Chinese/Japanese/Korean (base)
texlive-langcroatian 2012 TeXLive Croatian
texlive-langcyrillic 2015 TeXLive Cyrillic
texlive-langczechslovak 2015-r1 TeXLive Czech/Slovak
texlive-langdanish 2012 TeXLive Danish
texlive-langdutch 2012 TeXLive Dutch
texlive-langenglish 2015 TeXLive US and UK English
texlive-langeuropean 2015 TeXLive Other European languages
texlive-langfinnish 2012 TeXLive Finnish
texlive-langfrench 2015 TeXLive French
texlive-langgerman 2015 TeXLive German
texlive-langgreek 2015 TeXLive Greek
texlive-langhebrew 2012 TeXLive Hebrew
texlive-langhungarian 2012 TeXLive Hungarian
texlive-langindic 2015 TeXLive Indic scripts
texlive-langitalian 2015 TeXLive Italian
texlive-langjapanese 2015 TeXLive Japanese
texlive-langkorean 2015 TeXLive Korean
texlive-langlatin 2012 TeXLive Latin
texlive-langlatvian 2012 TeXLive Latvian
texlive-langlithuanian 2012 TeXLive Lithuanian
texlive-langmongolian 2012 TeXLive Mongolian
texlive-langnorwegian 2012 TeXLive Norwegian
texlive-langother 2015 TeXLive Other languages
texlive-langpolish 2015 TeXLive Polish
texlive-langportuguese 2015 TeXLive Portuguese
texlive-langspanish 2015 TeXLive Spanish
texlive-langswedish 2012 TeXLive Swedish
texlive-langtibetan 2012 TeXLive Tibetan
texlive-langturkmen 2012 TeXLive Turkmen
texlive-langvietnamese 2012 TeXLive Vietnamese
texlive-latex 2015 TeXLive LaTeX fundamental packages
texlive-latexextra 2015-r1 TeXLive LaTeX additional packages
texlive-latexrecommended 2015-r1 TeXLive LaTeX recommended packages
texlive-luatex 2015 TeXLive LuaTeX packages
texlive-mathextra 2015 TeXLive Mathematics packages
texlive-metapost 2015 TeXLive MetaPost and Metafont packages
texlive-music 2015 TeXLive Music packages
texlive-omega 2015 TeXLive Omega packages
texlive-pictures 2015-r2 TeXLive Graphics, pictures, diagrams
texlive-plainextra 2015 TeXLive Plain TeX packages
texlive-pstricks 2015 TeXLive PSTricks
texlive-publishers 2015 TeXLive Publisher styles, theses, etc.
texlive-science 2015 TeXLive Natural and computer sciences
texlive-texinfo 2012 TeXLive GNU Texinfo
texlive-xetex 2015 TeXLive XeTeX and packages
trackchanges 0.7.0 LaTeX package for collaboratively editing LaTeX documents