Packages for category games-server:

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Name Latest version Description
b3 1.8.2
bf1942-lnxded 1.61-r1
bukkit 9999 Generic API component of the plugin-based server mod for Minecraft
craftbukkit 9999 Bukkit implementation for the official Minecraft server
crossfire-server 1.71.0 server for the crossfire clients
cyphesis 0.6.2-r1
dmp 9999 Multiplayer server for Kerbal Space Program.
etqw-ded 1.5-r1
mednafen-server 0.5.2-r1
minecraft-common 20130203 Common scripts for Minecraft servers
minecraft-server 20110420 Dedicated server for Minecraft
monopd 0.10.2-r1
mtavc 0.5-r1
netmaumau 0.24.0 Server for the popular card game Mau Mau
nwn-ded 1.69-r1
openage-masterserver 9999 Masterserver for matchmaking and lobby mediating for openage
pvpgn 1.8.5-r1 A gaming server for Battle.Net compatible clients
tmwa 9999 A fully free and open source MMORPG game server
tpadmin-cpp 0.1.0 A command-line administration utility for Thousand Parsec servers.
tpserver-cpp 0.6.2 A C++ server for Thousand Parsec games
ut2003-ded 2225-r2 Unreal Tournament 2003 Linux Dedicated Server
ut2004-ded 3369.3-r1 Unreal Tournament 2004 Linux Dedicated Server