Packages for category net-im:

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Name Latest version Description
aliwangwang 1.00-r1 AliWangWang for Linux
amsn 9999 Alvaro's Messenger client for MSN
avim 0.1 avim is a secure IM build around RSA
ayttm 0.6.3-r1 A multi-protocol instant messaging client
barnowl 1.9 A curses-based IM client
begemoth 0.3.5 Begemoth jabber bot
biboumi 2.0 XMPP gateway to IRC.
bitlbee 9999 irc to IM gateway that support multiple IM protocols
bitlbee-otr 9999 irc to IM gateway that support multiple IM protocols, otr branch
bitlbee-steam 9999 Steam protocol plugin for BitlBee
blight 9999 Cross-platform graphical user interface for Tox written in Racket
centerim 999 CenterIM is a fork of CenterICQ - a ncurses ICQ/Yahoo!/AIM/IRC/MSN/Jabber/GaduGadu/RSS/LiveJournal Client
choqok 9999 Free/Open Source micro-blogging client for KDE
cjc 1.2.1 The Console Jabber Client - Jabber client with text-based user interface
climm 0.7.1 ICQ text-mode client with many features
cliofetion 9999 A command-line version of openfetion
clix 9999 XMPP client library written in Lua.
coccinella 0.96.20 Jabber Client With a Built-in Whiteboard and VoIP (jingle)
communi 2.2.9999 A cross-platform IRC framework written with Qt
corebird 9999
cpop 0.0.4-r1 GTK+ network popup message client. Compatible with the jpop protocol
cutegram 9999 Cutegram Desktop Client
dianara 1.3.3
dyskinesia 9999 A PSYC client written in QT
ejabberd 9999 The Erlang Jabber Daemon
ejabberd-babel 2.1.0_rc1 The Erlang Jabber Daemon ( version, supporting multiple domains via LDAP)
ekg2 9999 Text-based, multi-protocol instant messenger
emesene 9999-r3 Platform independent MSN Messenger client written in Python+GTK
empathy 9999 Telepathy instant messaging and video/audio call client for GNOME
ereseva 9999 Ereseva IM - using tapioca
err 9999 err is a plugin based XMPP chatbot designed to be easily deployable, extensible and maintainable.
exmpp 9999 fast and scalable XMPP library written in Erlang/OTP
facebook-for-desktop 1.4.3 Beautiful desktop client for Facebook Messenger. Chat without being distracted by your feed or notifications.
franz-bin 3.0.2
freetalk 9999 Freetalk is a console based chat client for Google Hangout and other XMPP servers
gajim 9999 Jabber client written in PyGTK
gajim-omemo 0.5.1
gajim-plugins 9999 Plugins for Gajim
gg-transport 2.2.4-r1
gizmo A P2P-VoiceIP client
gtkqq 9999 a qq client based on gtk+ uses webqq protocol
gtox 9999 A GTK3 Tox-Client
gtwitter 0.2.4 Linux client for reading and posting to web service.
gyachi 1.2.10 Gtk+-based Yahoo! chat client
hatexmpp 9999 hatexmpp is a xmpp-client featuring ii-like interface
hipchat 4.0.1641 Hipchat - persistent group chat using XMPP
icq 9999
ii-net 0.3 russian fido-like messaging system with web interface
indicator-messages 0.6.0-r1 A place on the user's desktop that collects messages that need a response
j2j 9999 Jabber2Jabber Transport
jabber-base 0.01-r1 Jabber servers and transports layout package
jabber-bot 1.1.1 Jabber::Bot makes it simple to create and command your own Jabber bot with little fuss.
jabberd2 2.3.4-r1 Open Source Jabber Server
jabbim 9999 Jabbim is Jabber/XMPP client written in Python language using Qt
jit 1.1.6-r4 ICQ transport for wpjabber / jabberd
jitsi 2.2-r1 Open Source Video Calls and Chat
jitsi-bin 2.8 Secure IM communicator supporting SIP, XMPP/Jabber, AIM/ICQ, Windows Live, Yahoo
jwchat 1.0 A full featured, web-based Jabber/XMPP client written using AJAX technology
kadu 3.0
kadu-amarok1_mediaplayer Amarok 1.x mediaplayer module for Kadu
kadu-anonymous_check 0.11.0_p1 Automatic sender lookup module for Kadu
kadu-antistring 0.12.3 Protection against chain-letters for Kadu
kadu-auto_hide 0.12.3 Kadu module for automatic window hiding
kadu-autoaway 0.12.3 Autoaway module for Kadu
kadu-autoresponder 0.12.3 Autoresponder module for Kadu
kadu-autostatus 0.12.3 Autostatus module for Kadu
kadu-cenzor 0.12.3 Profanity filter for Kadu
kadu-chat_notify 0.12.3 Kadu module for in-chat notifications
kadu-config_wizard 0.12.3 Configuration wizard for Kadu
kadu-core 0.12.3 The core of Kadu IM
kadu-desktop_docking 0.12.3 Kadu module for desktop docking
kadu-docking 0.12.3 Docking module for Kadu
kadu-emoticons 0.6.5-r1 Extra emoticons for Kadu
kadu-encryption QCA encryption module for Kadu
kadu-encryption_ng 0.12.3 Base encryption module for Kadu
kadu-encryption_ng_simlite 0.12.3 QCA encryption module for Kadu
kadu-encryption_old OpenSSL encryption module for Kadu
kadu-exec_notify 0.12.3 Exec notification module for Kadu
kadu-ext_sound 0.12.3 External sound module for Kadu
kadu-filedesc 0.12.3 File descriptions module for Kadu
kadu-firewall 0.12.3 Protection against unwanted chats for Kadu
kadu-freedesktop_notify 0.12.3 Kadu module for freedesktop notifications
kadu-gadu_protocol 0.12.3 GaduGadu support module for Kadu
kadu-globalhotkeys 0.12_p32 Global hotkey module for Kadu
kadu-hints 0.12.3 Hint notification module for Kadu
kadu-history 0.12.3 History module for Kadu
kadu-history_migration 0.12.3 History migration module for Kadu
kadu-icons 0.6.6 Extra icon themes for Kadu
kadu-idle 0.12.3 Kadu module for detecting idle time
kadu-imagelink 0.12.3 Automatic parser for image and YouTube video links
kadu-import_history 0.12.0 History import module
kadu-indicator_docking 0.12.3 Ayatana docking module for Kadu
kadu-jabber_protocol 0.12.3 Jabber support module for Kadu
kadu-kadu_completion 0.12.0_p1 Bash completion-like module for Kadu
kadu-last_seen 0.12.3 Last seen module for Kadu
kadu-lednotify 0.12_p33 LED notification module for Kadu
kadu-mediaplayer 0.12.3 Media player support module for Kadu
kadu-messagessplitter 0.12_p5 Automatically splits too long messages
kadu-mime_tex 0.12.0_p2 Mathematical TeX formula support in Kadu chats
kadu-mpd_mediaplayer 0.12.3 mpd mediaplayer module for Kadu
kadu-mprisplayer_mediaplayer 0.12.3 Generic MPRIS mediaplayer module for Kadu
kadu-networkping 0.12_p4 Periodically checks the network state
kadu-nextinfo 0.12_p9 A module providing extended contact information support
kadu-panelkadu 0.12_p10 Makes Kadu look and behave like a panel
kadu-pcspeaker 0.12.3 PC Speaker notification for Kadu
kadu-phonon_sound 0.12.3 Phonon sound output module for Kadu
kadu-profiles_import 0.12.3 Imports profiles from older Kadu versions
kadu-qt4_docking 0.12.3 Qt4 docking module for Kadu
kadu-qt4_docking_notify 0.12.3 Kadu notification using Qt4 docking module
kadu-screenshot 0.12.3 Screenshot module for Kadu
kadu-senthistory 0.12_p11 Adds history of sent messages to Kadu chat window
kadu-simpleview 0.12.3 Simple view module for Kadu
kadu-single_window 0.12.3 Adds single-window mode
kadu-sms 0.12.3 Text message support module for Kadu
kadu-sound 0.12.3 Sound support module for Kadu
kadu-sounds 0.6.5 Extra sound themes for Kadu
kadu-speech 0.12.3 Reads Kadu messages with the powiedz speech synthetizer
kadu-spellchecker 0.12.3 Spellchecker module for Kadu
kadu-sql_history 0.12.3 SQL history module for Kadu
kadu-tabs 0.12.3 Tabbed chat module for Kadu
kadu-word_fix 0.12.3 Word replacement module for Kadu
kf kf is a simple Jabber messenger.
kmess 1.5.2 KMess is an alternative MSN Messenger chat client for Linux.
kopete-otr 0.7 This plugin enables Off-The-Record encryption for the KDE instant messenger Kopete.
kouchat 1.1.0 KouChat is a simple serverless chat client for local area networks
libcommuni 3.1.0 A cross-platform IRC framework written with Qt 4
liblwqq 9999 webqq protocol library
libofetion 9999 Free and open source implemention of Fetion library
libqtelegram 9999 A Qt library to access telegram
librvp 0.9.7 An RVP (Microsoft Exchange Instant Messaging) plugin for Pidgin
licq 1.8.2 ICQ Client with v8 support
linux-fetion 9999 Linux Fetion, a QT4 IM client using CHINA MOBILE's Fetion Protocol
linuxqq 1.0.2 Tencent QQ for Linux
lwqq 9999 Linux WebQQ Client
mattermost-desktop 1.3.0 Mattermost chat desktop client for Linux
mcabber 9999 A small Jabber console client with various features, like MUC, SSL, PGP
messenger 9999
messenger-for-desktop-bin 1.4.3
minbif 9999 an IRC instant messaging gateway, using libpurple
mu-conference 0.8.81-r1
myqq3 9999 A portable open source qq CLI client
nagibot 0.8.3 Perl extension that uses XMPP for nagios notifications
netiq-messenger-client Novell Messenger Client
openfetion 9999 Free and open source implementation of Fetion client based on GTK+2
openfire 4.0.2 Openfire (formerly wildfire) real time collaboration (RTC) server
phonegaim GTK All-In-One Instant Messenging and Internet Calling solution
pica-client 0.5.3 Pica Pica Messenger
pica-node 0.5.3 Node for Pica Pica distributed decentralized IM system
pica-pica 9999 Pica Pica Messenger and Node in single ebuild
pidgin 9999
pidgin-lwqq A Linux WebQQ Client
pino 9999 Twitter and client
poezio 9999 Console XMPP client that looks like most famous IRC clients
profanity 9999 Ncurses based jabber client inspired by irssi
prosody 9999 Prosody is a flexible communications server for Jabber/XMPP written in Lua.
prosody-modules 9999 Add-on modules for Prosody IM Server written in Lua.
prpl-coincoin 1.0.5 coincoin plugin for libpurple
psi 9999 Qt4 Jabber client, with Licq-like interface
psi-attention 9999 Psi plugin for making attention (XEP-0224)
psi-autoreply 9999 Psi autoreply plugin.
psi-birthdayreminder 9999 Psi plugin to remind contact's birthdays
psi-captchaforms 9999 Psi plugin to show MUC's captcha
psi-chess 9999 Psi plugin to play chess with your friends
psi-cleaner 9999 Psi profile cleaner plugin.
psi-clientswitcher 9999 Psi+ plugin for client version masking
psi-conferencelogger 9999 Psi plugin which saves logs of conferences
psi-contentdownloader 9999 Psi plugin for downloading extras
psi-extendedmenu 9999 Psi+ plugin which adds special submenu to contacts
psi-extendedoptions 9999 Psi plugin for UI for some hidden options
psi-gmailservice 9999 Gmail notify plugin for psi
psi-gnome3support 9999 Psi+ Gnome 3 support plugin
psi-gnupg 9999 Psi+ GnuPG plugin
psi-gomokugame 9999 Gomoku game for Psi+
psi-historykeeper 9999 Psi plugin to keep certain contacts history clean
psi-image 9999 Psi plugin for sending in-band images
psi-jabberdisk 9999 Psi+ plugin for file sharing via jabber disk
psi-jingle 0.10-r2 QT 3.x Jabber Client, with Licq-like interface and voice support (Jingle)
psi-juick 9999 Psi plugin for service
psi-otr 9999 OTR Plugin for Psi
psi-pepchangenotify 9999 Psi plugin to show PEP change notifications
psi-plugins-meta 9999 Meta package for net-im/psi plugins
psi-psto 9999 Psi plugin for service
psi-qipxstatuses 9999 QIP xStatus reader Psi plugin
psi-screenshot 9999 Psi plugin to quickly make screenshots
psi-skins 9999 Psi skins plugin.
psi-stopspam 9999 Psi plugin for spam blocking
psi-storagenotes 9999 Psi plugin for Jabber notes protocol extension
psi-translate 9999 Translate plugin for psi
psi-videostatus 9999 Psi plugin for settings some status during video watching
psi-watcher 9999 Psi plugin for watching on contacts
psi-yandexnarod 9999 Psi+ plugins for managing files on
psimedia 9999 Psi plugin for voice/video calls
psyced 20090617 Server for Decentralized Messaging and Chat over PSYC, IRC, Jabber/XMPP and more
purple-events 0.99.1 Allows a fine-grained control over libpurple events
purple-line 9999 libpurple (Pidgin, Finch) protocol plugin for LINE.
pyaim-t Python based jabber transport for AIM
pyimapsmtpt 9999 An xmpp transport (or bot, possibly to-be-done) that allows using IMAP+SSMTP (e.g. gmail's) from an XMPP client.
pyirc-t 0.4 Python based jabber transport for IRC
pymsn-t 0.11a MSN transport for Jabber
pyxmpp 1.1.2 A Python XMPP (RFC 3920,3921) and Jabber implementation
qipmsg 1.0.0 An open-source Qt4 implementation of IP Messenger for linux.
qtox 9999
qtqq 0.8.2 Tencent QQ written in Qt
qtwitter 9999 A Qt-based microblogging client
qutecom 2.2_p20110210 Multi-protocol instant messenger and VoIP client
qutim 9999 Qt4-based multi-protocol instant messenger
qwit 9999 Qt4 cross-platform client for Twitter
ratox 9999 A minimal FIFO based client for Tox
reaim 0.8-r2
ricochet 9999 Anonymous metadata-resistant instant messaging that just works
scudcloud 9999 A Linux client for Slack
sendxmpp 1.24 A perl-script to send xmpp (jabber), similar to what mail(1) does for mail
silc-client 1.1.8 IRSSI-based text client for Secure Internet Live Conferencing
silc-server 1.1.19 Server for Secure Internet Live Conferencing
silc-toolkit 1.1.12 SDK for the SILC protocol
sim 9999 Simple Instant Messenger (with KDE support). ICQ/AIM/Jabber/MSN/Yahoo.
simpserver-bin 2.1.0-r2
sipclients 3.0.0
skype P2P Internet Telephony (VoiceIP) client
skype1ico 1.0.0 Skype icon wrapper for Linux.
skype4pidgin 9999 Skype API PLugin for Pidgin
skype_oss_wrapper 9999
skypeforlinux 9999
skypetab-ng 9999 An LD_PRELOAD wrapper that adds tabs to Skype for Linux
slack 2.1.0
slack-desktop-bin 2.1.0 Official Slack Desktop Client
spark 2.5.8 Spark is an Open Source, cross-platform IM client optimized for businesses and organizations
spectrum 9999-r1 Spectrum is a XMPP transport/gateway
ssip-gst 1.1.1 Sofia-SIP based SIP UA plugin for Gaim
stabber 9999 Stubbed XMPP Server
swift 9999 Qt4 jabber (xmpp) client
swiften 9999 Just a perfect C++ XMPP library
tapioca 0.3.0 Tapioca VOIP and IM framework and UI
tapioca-coreclient 0.3.0 Tapioca framework for VOIP and IM
tapioca-coreclient-svn 0.3 Tapioca framework for VOIP and IM
tapioca-glib 9999 Tapioca glib
tapioca-python 9999 Tapioca python
tapioca-svn 0.3 Tapioca VOIP and IM framework and UI (SVN version)
tapioca-xmpp 0.3.0 Tapioca XMPP protocol
tapioca-xmpp-svn 0.3 Tapioca XMPP protocol
tapiocaui 0.3.0 Tapioca UI
tapiocaui-svn 0.3 Tapioca UI
telegram 0.9.56 Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s super fast, simple and free. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — your messages sync seamlessly across any of your phones, tablets or computers.
telegram-bin 0.9.60 Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.
telegram-cli 9999-r1 Command line interface client for Telegram
telegram-desktop 9999
telegram-desktop-bin 0.9.56
telegram-purple 9999 Libpurple (Pidgin) plugin for using a Telegram account
telepathy-connection-managers 2-r2 Meta-package for Telepathy Connection Managers
telepathy-logger 0.8.2 Telepathy Logger is a session daemon that should be activated whenever telepathy is being used
telepathy-mission-control 5.16.3_p1_p06
tigase-server 9999_pre4 Tigase XMPP server
tkabber 9999-r6 GUI client for XMPP (Jabber) instant messaging protocol, written in Tcl/Tk.
tlenlinux Tlen IM client
tox-core 9999 Free as in freedom Skype replacement
toxic 9999 CLI Frontend for Tox
trillian Trillian is a multi-platform multi-protocol chat client. Attention: you'll need a pro account to use trillian for now!
turpial 1.5.0_beta4 Lightweigth and featurefull microblogging client
turses 0.2.23 Command line twitter client
utox 9999 Lightweight Tox client
vacuum 9999 Qt4 Crossplatform Jabber client.
vacuum-dbusnotifications 9999 DBus popup notifications for vacuum
vacuum-gmailnotify 9999 GMail notifications for vacuum
vacuum-kinotifications 9999 Kinetic popup notifications for vacuum
vacuum-otre2e 9999 Off-The-Record messaging (OTR) for vacuum
vacuum-spellchecker 9999 Spell checker for vacuum
venom 20131029 Vala/Gtk+ graphical user interface for Tox
viber 9999-r9999 Free calls, text and picture sharing with anyone, anywhere!
whatsapp-purple 9999 Whatsapp plugin for libpurple (Pidgin)
whatsie-bin 2.0.15
wineqq 20140102 Tencent QQ for Linux by longine
yowsup 2.5.0 Python WhatsApp library and CLI client
zephyr 3.0.1 The Project Athena instant messaging system