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Name Latest version Description
Stage 9999 The Stage Robot Simulator
adms 2.3.0 A code generator that converts electrical compact device models specified in high-level description language into ready-to-compile c code for the API of spice simulators.
alliance 5.0.20110203 Digital IC design tools (simulation, synthesis, place/route, etc...)
balsa 4.0-r1 The Balsa asynchronous synthesis system
berkeley-hardfloat 0.0.1-r1 A HDL
catkin_pkg 0.1.25
chisel 2.2.20-r1 A HDL
chisel-benchmarks 20140821 Benchmarks of Chisel code
chisel-torture 0.0.2 A random Chisel graph generator
cirkuit 0.4.3-r1 An application to generate publication-ready figures
drawtiming 0.7.1-r1 Command line tool for drawing timing diagrams
dreamer-par 0.0.3 Place and Route for DREAMER
eagle 7.6.0
electric 9.03 Complete Electronic Design Automation (EDA) system that can handle many forms of circuit design
espresso-ab 1.0-r1 POSIX compliant version of the espresso logic minimization tool
fasthenry 3.0_p082514 Three dimensional inductance computation program, Whiteley Research version
flo-llvm 0.0.14 Converts Flo files to LLVM files
flo-mwe 0.0.6 Flo multi-word expander
freehdl 0.0.7 A free VHDL simulator
fritzing 0.9.2b-r1
fritzing-bin 0.9.2_beta-r1 Electronic Design Automation
gazebo 7.3.1 A 3D multiple robot simulator with dynamics
geda 1.9.2 GPL Electronic Design Automation (gEDA):gaf core package
geda-suite 20110427 Metapackage for all components for a full-featured gEDA/gaf system
geda-xgsch2pcb 0.1.3-r3
gerbmerge 1.8 A program for combining (panelizing) Gerber/Excellon files
gerbv 2.6.1
ghdl 0.29 Complete VHDL simulator using the GCC technology
gnetman 0.0.1_pre20110124 A GNU Netlist Manipulation Library
gnucap 0.35.20130423 GNUCap is the GNU Circuit Analysis Package
gplcver 2.12a Verilog simulator
gresistor 0.0.2
gresistor2 9999 Translate a resistor color codes into readable value
gsmc 1.1-r2 A GTK program for doing Smith Chart calculations
gspeakers 0.11-r2 GTK based loudspeaker enclosure and crossovernetwork designer
gspiceui 1.1.0 GUI frontend for Ngspice and Gnucap
gtkwave 3.3.73 A wave viewer for LXT, LXT2, VZT, GHW and standard Verilog VCD/EVCD files
gwave 20120229
iverilog 0.9.7 A Verilog simulation and synthesis tool
kicad 999999999 Electronic Schematic and PCB design tools.
kicad-doc 20140717 Electronic Schematic and PCB design tools documentation.
kicad-fp-library 20140727 Electronic Schematic and PCB design tools footprint library.
kicad-library 20140717 Electronic Schematic and PCB design tools library.
kicad-library-walter 20140717 Electronic Schematic and PCB design library.
klayout 0.23.10 Viewer and editor for GDS and OASIS integrated circuit layouts
libsigrok 9999 provide basic hardware drivers for logic analyzers and input/output file format support
libsigrokdecode 9999 Library which provides (streaming) protocol decoding functionality.
linsmith 0.99.30 Smith charting program, mainly designed for educational use
linuxcnc 9999 LinuxCNC controls CNC machines.
logisim 2.3.3 An educational tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits.
magic 8.0.207 The VLSI design CAD tool
minimodem 9999 general-purpose software audio FSK modem.
mobilesim 0.5.0 Software for simulating MobileRobots/ActivMedia platforms
myhdl 0.7 MyHDL is a Python package for using Python as a hardware description and verification language.
netgen 1.4.52 LVS tool (layout versus schematic comparison)
ngspice 26 The Next Generation Spice (Electronic Circuit Simulator)
osqoop 1.1.1 multi-platform open source software oscilloscope based on Qt 4
pcb 20140316 GPL Electronic Design Automation: Printed Circuit Board editor
petrify 4.2-r1 Synthesize Petri nets into asynchronous circuits
picoscope PicoScope is the standard in PC Oscilloscope software
player 2.0.4 A network server for robot control
plcedit 2.2.1 Qt4 notepad for PLC programming
puff 20100127 microwave CAD software
pulseview 9999
qelectrotech 9999 Qt5 application to design electric diagrams
qsapec-ng 9999 Qt based GUI for sapec-ng (electric circuit analizys program)
qucs 9999 Quite Universal Circuit Simulator is a Qt based circuit simulator
rocket 0.0.1 A HDL
rocket-uncore 0.0.1 A HDL
rosdep 0.10.25
rosdistro 0.3.0
rosinstall_generator 0.1.6
rospkg 1.0.26
sapec-ng 1.8.2 Sapec-NG is a symbolic analysis program for linear analog circuits
sapwin 3.0 Sapec-NG is a symbolic analysis program for linear analog circuits
sdformat 2.3.2 Simulation Description Format (SDF) parser
sigrok-cli 9999
sigrok-firmware 9999 firmware for sigrok to use the asix-sigma and nexus-osciprime
sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw 9999 firmware for sigrok to use Cypress FX2 based devices such as Salae Logic
sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw-bin 0.1.2 Prebuilt firmware for sigrok to use Cypress FX2 based devices such as Salae Logic
spice 3.5.5-r1 general-purpose circuit simulation program
splat 1.4.2 RF Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool
stage 2.0.3 2D multiple-robot simulator.
systemc 2.3.1 A C++ based modeling platform for VLSI and system-level co-design
tnt 1.2.2 MoM 2.5 D stripline simulator
vbs 1.4.0 vbs - the Verilog Behavioral Simulator
vcd2step 0.0.2 Converts VCD files to Chisel tester inputs
vcddiff 0.0.5 A diff that understands VCD files
voacapl 0.6.7 HF propagation prediction tool
xcircuit 3.8.81 Circuit drawing and schematic capture program
xnec2c 3.5 A GTK+ graphical interactive version of nec2c
xoscope 2.1 Soundcard Oscilloscope for X